The Dialect Deer Grunt Strikes Again

501-Dialect-Deer-Grunt-Tube1Since the introduction of the Dialect Deer Grunt, Jon Gabrio has been using this product in his home state of Washington with great success. Year after year he has sent in pictures with bucks he’s harvested using our call. This year he had success yet again, and in a big way. Read Jon’s testimonial on the Dialect below.

“The Dialect Deer grunt proved itself yet again! I had one buck I was specifically targeting on this hunt, and while the weather wasn’t favorable for heavy rut activity, I used the dialect to create my own luck. Creating a series of doe bleats and then simply sliding the dial to follow up with several tending grunts, I was trying to stir the curiosity of the buck I was after and other bucks in the area. On the sixth day of the hunt, weather conditions changed and the rut activity kicked in to full swing only creating more favorable conditions for calling in the buck I was after. Letting out several doe bleats early in the morning, I had a small two point buck come in to check out the hot doe he had just heard. He was soon followed up by a small 4×4 grunting his way in to the stand in search of the same doe. While not the deer I was looking for, the deer activity took off after that with deer activity all day past my stand. With several more doe bleats in the afternoon, it was a short while later and the buck I was after came out chasing several does right past my stand. After a short 15 yard shot, the buck I had been targeting was finally on the ground. This call truly offers a variety of sounds every whitetail hunter should have in his bag. As each whitetail season approaches, I’ll never head to a stand without this call in my bag.”