Cabelas Great Fall Outdoor Days

Cabela’s Great Fall Outdoor Days are coming up on August 15th,16th and 29th, Stop by the following Cabelas‬ Stores and visit with some of our Bugling Bull Game Calls Pro Staff that will be there to help you get ready for ‪‎Elk Hunting!

August 15th in Thornton, CO – Kristy Titus
August 15th in Grand Junction, CO – Wade Pollard
August 15th in Post Falls, ID – Brett Pitcher, Cody McCarthy
August 15th in Lacey, WA – Darrin Tognazinni
August 15th-16th in Ammon, ID – Jim Brennan
August 15th-16th in Tualip, WA – Mike Jenkins
August 16th in Lone Tree, CO – Kristy Titus, Keith Steflik, and Roger Medley
August 16th in Boise, ID – Larry Lansdowne
August 16th in Tualatin, OR – Troy Nieman
August 16th in Springfield, OR- Troy Nieman
August 29th in Lehi, UT – Logan Beckstrand


Bugling Bull Elk Bugle June Product Special

June is bugle em’ in month! Purchase one C25 Bully Bull Extreme elk bugle tube, and get a new TST series cow elk diaphragm for free. Your choice of one of these 3 diaphragms: TST Rockstar, TST All American, or the TST Mistress.

Our new TST Series diaphragms with Tone Slot technology were just released. For those looking for an elk diaphragm call that is easier to use, these are the ticket for you. Here is a little information about our new TST Series Diaphragms.

Mistress (Pink) – Single .003 latex. Made with narrow frame for youth, women, and men with narrow palate areas. Small to medium cow, calf, and bull sounds. Creates more nasal cow sounds and high pitch screaming bugles.

Rockstar (Black) – Single .004 latex. Made with medium frame for average-sized palate areas. Medium to large bull and cow sounds. Creates more nasal cow sounds and high pitch screaming bugles.

All American (White) – Double .004 latex. Made with medium frame for average-sized palate areas. Creates older, more nasal cow sounds and older bull sounds. Great for high screaming challenge bugles.

This call was designed by Rockie Jacobsen. It features a unique lower profile Slotted Chambered Tone Top that is correctly designed to create more nasal cow sounds and higher pitched bull sounds with ease and realism. It sits up in the roof of your mouth with more comfort and quick positioning to obtain all the elk sounds.

TST (Tone Slotted Technology) – The Slotted Chambered Tone Top elk diaphragm call is designed to be placed further forward in your mouth behind your upper front teeth; this helps prevent gagging and gives you easier control of the latex. To operate the call, place the Slotted Chambered Tone Top upwards to the roof of your mouth, latex down and open end of the diaphragm towards the front of your mouth.

Introducing The C25 Bully Bull Extreme Elk Bugle

The NEW Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ grunt tube is designed for use with diaphragm calls. With a new, larger diameter mouth-opening and tapered venturi design, the Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ creates consistent airflow with ideal back pressure for easier to obtain octave changes. Designed by world champion elk callers Corey Jacobsen and Rockie Jacobsen.

If you’re looking to improve your elk hunting success, the new Bully Bull Extreme elk bugle is one tube you’ll want to add to your hunting arsenal. Available 2014.