Rogue Chapter RMEF Youth Turkey Hunt

This past weekend was my annual Rogue Chapter RMEF Youth Turkey Hunt that you gave the turkey call donation to. Everything went perfect with 9 year old Spencer. He literally hunted daylight to dark on Saturday and was dead serious until days end about hunting. All of us “grown-ups” were talking a bit too much or Spencer and he finally looked at us and said “Are we talking or hunting?”. This kids attention span and intensity was second to none. I was very impressed. Spencer even learned how to use his turkey calls prior to the hunt!

On Sunday, Jeff Heil, Life Member and Volunteer called in three jakes and Spencer sat completely still for 17 minutes while these three jakes took turns beating up the jake decoy.

For 17 minutes the turkeys were grouped together too close for him to take an ethical shot and he kept it together the entire time, unmoving. When the birds finally split up a bit, he took one perfectly placed shot and his bird was down. I have footage of the entire hunt from two angles. The blast from his shotgun nearly knocking him over. Spencer may be 9, but he is the size of a 4 or 5 year old kid, he is tiny! We had a great trip and I can’t wait to share the footage with you. Such a remarkable little boy!!!

Kristy Titus