Matt Piippo

Matt was born and raised in Montana where he grew up hunting big game animals and fishing with his family. He has hunted Elk and Deer for over 30 years. He loves to call Bull Elk, Birds, and Deer…but his favorite is calling Predators. At age 9 he heard his first coyote call and has been hooked ever since. This has driven him to become an accomplished Predator caller. Matt is the Head Pro Staff for Les Johnson’s Predator Quest Television. This has lead him to many opportunities in the outdoor world. Matt has competed in World Coyote Calling Competitions, appeared on multiple Predator Quest episodes, written for hunting periodicals, and been featured in Predator Xtreme magazine. Matt enjoys teaching others to hunt and call for Predators. He teaches seminars all over the nation, and is eager to share tips and techniques with anyone.

As a World Champion Caller, and with the help of other experts on his staff, Rockie produces the highest quality game calls available today, and Matt is proud to be a team member for Bugling Bull Game Calls.

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