Grant Soukup

Welcome Team Member Grant Soukup to Bugling Bull Game Calls LLC.

Grant Soukup – Team Member Grant is a retired educator and avid outdoorsman.

As a hunting and fishing guide since 1975, he has shared the excitement of his adventures with many audiences throughout the country doing seminars and workshops.

He is an outdoor writer as well, residing in Churchill, Montana.

Mark your Calendar!

Grant is on the ticket for the RMEF at Bozeman. He is planning to do “Screaming Bulls and Hard Antlers. The show is June 2nd at MSU.

Grant is also writing as Montana Grant on the Montana Outdoor radio website at Search or see the Montanagrant blog each week. Check out “S’more Fun!” and ” How to Take a Kid Fishing!” on the blog.

Grant is also doing seminars at Missoula and Billings for Bretz RV.

Grant Soukup

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