Mistress Cow Elk Call July Product Special

TST Series Elk Diaphragm Mistress July SpecialIn celebration of Relay for Life’s event in Kamiah July 19th Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies will be donating 10% of all sales of the new PINK #112 Mistress TST series diaphragm. We support Relay for Life’s fight against cancer and personally know too many women who have been touched by breast cancer. Let’s all use the PINK MISTRESS and blow out breast cancer!

Introducing The C25 Bully Bull Extreme Elk Bugle

The NEW Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ grunt tube is designed for use with diaphragm calls. With a new, larger diameter mouth-opening and tapered venturi design, the Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ creates consistent airflow with ideal back pressure for easier to obtain octave changes. Designed by world champion elk callers Corey Jacobsen and Rockie Jacobsen.

If you’re looking to improve your elk hunting success, the new Bully Bull Extreme elk bugle is one tube you’ll want to add to your hunting arsenal. Available 2014.

The Dialect Deer Grunt Strikes Again

501-Dialect-Deer-Grunt-Tube1Since the introduction of the Dialect Deer Grunt, Jon Gabrio has been using this product in his home state of Washington with great success. Year after year he has sent in pictures with bucks he’s harvested using our call. This year he had success yet again, and in a big way. Read Jon’s testimonial on the Dialect below.

“The Dialect Deer grunt proved itself yet again! I had one buck I was specifically targeting on this hunt, and while the weather wasn’t favorable for heavy rut activity, I used the dialect to create my own luck. Creating a series of doe bleats and then simply sliding the dial to follow up with several tending grunts, I was trying to stir the curiosity of the buck I was after and other bucks in the area. On the sixth day of the hunt, weather conditions changed and the rut activity kicked in to full swing only creating more favorable conditions for calling in the buck I was after. Letting out several doe bleats early in the morning, I had a small two point buck come in to check out the hot doe he had just heard. He was soon followed up by a small 4×4 grunting his way in to the stand in search of the same doe. While not the deer I was looking for, the deer activity took off after that with deer activity all day past my stand. With several more doe bleats in the afternoon, it was a short while later and the buck I was after came out chasing several does right past my stand. After a short 15 yard shot, the buck I had been targeting was finally on the ground. This call truly offers a variety of sounds every whitetail hunter should have in his bag. As each whitetail season approaches, I’ll never head to a stand without this call in my bag.”

Rogue Chapter RMEF Youth Turkey Hunt

This past weekend was my annual Rogue Chapter RMEF Youth Turkey Hunt that you gave the turkey call donation to. Everything went perfect with 9 year old Spencer. He literally hunted daylight to dark on Saturday and was dead serious until days end about hunting. All of us “grown-ups” were talking a bit too much or Spencer and he finally looked at us and said “Are we talking or hunting?”. This kids attention span and intensity was second to none. I was very impressed. Spencer even learned how to use his turkey calls prior to the hunt!

On Sunday, Jeff Heil, Life Member and Volunteer called in three jakes and Spencer sat completely still for 17 minutes while these three jakes took turns beating up the jake decoy.

For 17 minutes the turkeys were grouped together too close for him to take an ethical shot and he kept it together the entire time, unmoving. When the birds finally split up a bit, he took one perfectly placed shot and his bird was down. I have footage of the entire hunt from two angles. The blast from his shotgun nearly knocking him over. Spencer may be 9, but he is the size of a 4 or 5 year old kid, he is tiny! We had a great trip and I can’t wait to share the footage with you. Such a remarkable little boy!!!

Kristy Titus

2013 Beat The Bull Elk Contest

Announcing Bugling Bull/Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Annual Elk Hunting Contests

Contest One:

It’s time for our yearly contest full of exciting prizes! We are expanding the contest categories to include:

4 Ways to Win:

rockie-jacobsen-2013-bull-elk1. First Picture Emailed to sales@buglingbull.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – (Bugling Bull/Rocky Mountain product must be in the field picture).

You will win a Shirt and Hat

2. Largest Bull Contest – Photo in the Field – (Bugling Bull/Rocky Mountain product must be in the field picture).

You will receive a variety of calls and other goodies.

3. All Contestants will be placed in a Random Drawing for great prizes.

4. “Beat the Bull” Contest.

Rockie Jacobsen 2012 Elk *******Everyone who sends in a picture from 2013 season with a bigger bull than Rockie’s 2013 (not posted yet) kill will win a new camo hat.*****

(Click Image for larger view)


General Rules for Contest One (photo contests):

1. Contest runs from today through September 30th.
2. Submit field picture with your name, date of harvest, state of harvest and names of anyone else in the picture with permission to use their picture as these will be posted on our web-site.
3. You give permission for Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies to use your picture and testimonial in advertising.
4. You must have a Bugling Bull/Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Product in the picture you submit.

Last year several hunters were eliminated from the contest because they forgot to include our product in the picture.

Contest Two:

Send us your hunting video for an opportunity to be featured on our website or other advertising (usage will be determined by quality of video).

Enter for a chance at a variety of hunting related products!


General Rules for Contest Two (video):

1. Contest runs from today through October 30th, 2013.
2. Video must have minimum of harvested animal, testimonial of your use of our product and your name.
3. You give permission for Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies to use your video and testimonial in advertising.

Share your story by sending a brief “play by play” or general description of the hunt when you submit your picture!

To submit your picture/video and story send to sales@buglingbull.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Check back often to see contestant pictures as they come in.

Good Luck!

Banner Weekend For Bugling Bull Game Calls

LAS VEGAS, Nev.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation crowned a series of champions at the 25th annual World Elk Calling Championships in Las Vegas.

It was a banner weekend for the Jacobsens, the “First Family” of Elk Calling. Jacobsen family members took first place in the peewee and women’s divisions, and topped the field in the first-ever Champion of Champions competition, an invitational involving previous winners of the professional division.

Family picture (above) – left to right back row – Misty Jacobsen, Rockie Jacobsen, Corey Jacobsen ( all 3 graduated from Orofino High School)
Front row – Isaac Jacobsen, Sam Jacobsen

Corey Jacobsen, RMEF 2013 Champion Elk Caller, Champion of Chamnpions

Vegas Champion – Rockie Jacobsen looks on as his son, Corey Jacobsen accepts the Champion of Champions award. This was the 25th year of the World Elk Calling championship by RMEF and they invited all previous winners in the Pro division to compete for the Champion of Champions. There was a 3 way tie between Rockie, Corey and Al Morris. They had a bugle off and there was another tie – between father & son, Rockie & Corey with Corey being crowned Champion that evening at the grand banquet.

The winners listed below all use Bugling Bull Game Calls.

PeeWee Division
1. Isaac Jacobsen, 10, Boise, Ida. Isaac is the grandson of Rockie & Rena Jacobsen, Kamiah and the son of Corey & Jennifer Jacobsen, Boise. Isaac started competing when he was 5 yrs old.
Also competing in the PeeWee division and placing was Sam Jacobsen, Isaac’s 6 yr old brother.

Women’s Division
1. Misty Jacobsen, Monterey, Calif. This is Misty’s 12th win, the most of any contestant.

Men’s Division
1. Dirk Durham, Moscow, Ida. Dirk graduated from Orofino High School and works for Nightforce Optics in Orofino.
Professional Division
2. Corey Jacobsen, Boise, Ida.
3. Rockie Jacobsen, Kamiah, Ida.

Champion of Champions
Corey Jacobsen, Boise, Ida.

Several winners in the other divisions use Bugling Bull Game Calls which are manufactured in Kamiah by Rockie & Rena Jacobsen, owners of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies LLC.

Welcome to the New Bugling Bull Game Calls Website!

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Supplies, home of Bugling Bull Game Calls is proud to announce the release of our new website! We have completely overhauled our existing site, merged out store and checkout experience, and created an overall more user friendly experience for our customers. Our new site will be seeing minor updates as we mold it in to our final product. The site is fully functional and the shopping cart is secure and fully functional as well. You have the option to create an account which you can login and edit your information at any time, or, you can simply checkout as a guest if you prefer not to create a new account.

We truly appreciate your understanding as we are putting the finishing touches on our site, and we look forward to serving you as a customer. Good luck in the woods the remainder of 2013!

– Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Supplies Staff